Team Perks

All teams with 25 or more runners registered before Friday, 5/24 receive a team tent [plus a team supply of food & beer]. Congrats to the four teams that qualified this year!

hingham team tent final.png

Team Awards

Top 3 Coed Teams
Largest Team 

Team FAQ

How do I create a team?
Go here > tickets > team > create team.

How do I join a team after I registered as an individual?
Go here > select Hingham Road Race ticket > join team.

Can I create & join a team if I already signed-up as individual?
Yes, it's not too late! Create the team [go here > register > team > create team, then follow the directions above to join it].

Is there a minimum / maximum team size?
Teams can be any size (there's no limit), but they need to be coed with at least three runners to be eligible for team awards. 

How do you calculate the winning team's time?
We score the 1st Male, 1st Female plus next fastest M/F [net times].